Patacara Community Services is a faith based nonprofit offering compassionate and respectful care to those who are suffering. We provide services inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Buddhism. We are a nonsectarian, all-volunteer, grassroots community that takes refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha and values service, generosity, compassion, interdependence, ethical conduct, equanimity, and kindness. Our current focus area is offering supportive services to our unhoused neighbors.

Patacara (pronounced Pah-tah-char-ah) Community Services is named after Patacara, who was one of the first Buddhist nuns. As a young woman, Patacara lost everything. Her husband, children, and parents all died in a series of unexpected and tragic events. Crazed with grief, she wandered naked and destitute, without family or a home, until the townspeople took pity on her and guided her to where the Buddha was teaching. He looked at her kindly and said, “Sister, recover your presence of mind.” Her lucid mind returned and with the Buddha’s help, she began her journey back to wholeness. She eventually became enlightened and one of the most respected and beloved teachers of her generation, with a special gift for being able to help people overwhelmed by grief and despair, as she once had been. Patacara Community Services will operate programs designed to help us “recover our presence of mind” together.

Programs: We share a space with other small and progressive nonprofits at the Hillman City Collaboratory. We provide supportive services to self governing encampments, and to individuals suffering from homelessness and trauma. We are available to help your group develop a compassionate action plan that is a good fit for your gifts and resources. We fiscally sponsor local, grassroots compassionate action projects. We are raising money to help with rent stabilization and move in assistance for LGBTQ people of color, who are particularly at risk for hate crimes and violence if they are homeless.

Shared Values:

  • Because Buddha taught in different ways to different people, we celebrate all of the world’s spiritual and ethical traditions, and strive to work together with cooperation, harmony, patience, and humility. Our programming is interfaith and open to people of all traditions and philosophies who share our values.
  • Because of our shared refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, we strive to overcome anger, greed, and ignorance. We work to manifest joy, compassion, kindness, and equanimity.
  • Because all beings have the capacity for basic goodness, we work together to create environments that bring out the best in people, by treating every person with respect and compassion.
  • Because systems of oppression are rooted in greed and delusion and cause suffering, we strive to end racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia.
  • Because all living beings are part of an interdependent web of life, we strive to give generously. On a physical level, we can give food and shelter. On an intellectual level, we can give education, knowledge, and art. On an emotional level, we can give love, kindness, time, attention, and energy. On a spiritual level, we can give wisdom, prayer, and mindful presence.