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The Patacara Meals program cooks and delivers food to people living in authorized and unauthorized homeless encampments. The Meals program includes four services:

Field Kitchen-originalField Kitchen – We prepare and serve hot food on site using a camp stove and other portable facilities. Favorite meals are: oatmeal (with butter, brown sugar, and milk); and soup with mashed potatoes. The Field Kitchen provides not only delicious food, but also a special event that builds community and trust.


Teresa SandwichesSandwich Source – We prepare sandwiches in cooperation with trained residents of Camp United We Stand. We deliver the individually wrapped sandwiches to unauthorized encampments where nutritional needs are high and organizational capacity is low. Current offerings include peanut butter & jelly, tuna fish salad, and ham or turkey & cheese. The Sandwich Source service gives Patacara a quick-response capability when we learn of a sudden need in the community.


Chili ThermometerScheduled Deliveries – We prepare protein-dense, delicious meals and deliver to authorized camps, as part of their regular meal calendar. Featured dishes are beef chili with corn muffins, and a beef/egg/vegetable loaf we call Rumble Pie.


Donation Sharing – We collect surplus donations of food at established camps and deliver them to our own and other cooking groups to be used in preparing meals. Common transfers of food include: canned tomatoes, beans, and corn; bread and baked goods; and dry pasta. This practice empowers people who want to cook but can’t afford to buy ingredients. It uses all resources that are available, and avoids waste.

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If you would like to participate in the Patacara Meals program, please contact David Baum – North King County Program Manager – at Please see our Activities, and please consider making a tax-deductbile donation to support the Meals program.