Camp Second Chance is now located at 9701 Myers Way S. Seattle, WA 98108. This is unused City of Seattle property, on what is known as the Myers Parcels. The camp is not permitted, but we are hoping to move it back to a permitted site asap. If your group has a site to donate let us know! This is an outstanding group of people and the camp is sober, clean, safe, and ethical. While we continue to search for a permitted site we are asking the city to refrain from sweeping the site. Please contact your city councilperson and ask them to stop ALL sweeps until every person has a safe and legal place to sleep.

Last Monday, July 18, was the camp’s final day at Riverton Park United Methodist. The camp moved to 9502 Myers Way S. thinking that this site was part of the Myers Parcels, but it turns out that it was privately owned. It was not the intention of the camp to use private land without permission, and the camp has now relocated to public land.
When they first moved to Myers Way last Monday, a handful of Top Hat residents were distressed about it. A few were harassing the camp. However, over the course of the week there has been a huge outpouring of public support and generosity from the neighbors. The camp wants to thank all of the neighbors who have stopped by to get to know them, to drop of donations, and to give words of encouragement and support.
One neighbor has set up community group advocating that the city grant the camp a permit to stay legally on the land.
Another has set up this gofundme campaign to help a camp family move into housing:
The camp can be reached at 206-578-6551 or campsctg@gmail.comCamp Second Chance Myers Site